We use Mexican honey to mix with Blackseed, one of the most important herbs in Asia. It is said that the wonder herb is a great healer and has antioxidant properties as well as vitamin D. Mexican with Black Seed (Nigella) A gift of Black Seed Honey for health and wellbeing. This is power booster, excellent honey combined with black seed and ginger. This is more like a paste, not runny. Black cumin oil contains 100 healing components which work together in a synergetic effect. That means they all complement each other in the process of aiding our body. Black seed has proven to reduce inflammation and relax smooth muscles, easing the symptoms of people with asthma in clinical studies. Combined with its antioxidant properties, these effects help prevent gastrointestinal disorders and relieve related symptoms.All of our honey is cold extracted, cold filtered and unblended to protect the natural proteins and enzymes in this premium honey.All good honey may crystallise or set during storage. If this should occur, please warm gently to return to its liquid form.


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