Go Herbal Pain Oil Organic Castor with DMSO 125ml

Go Herbal Pain Oil Organic Castor with DMSO 125ml

Our ethically sourced Castor Oil is super versatile. Rich, nourishing and packed with skin loving essential fatty acids, this multifunctional oil ticks all the boxes.
DMSO is used as a penetrating vehicle for various drugs and works well with Castor oil for many conditions, especially pain relief.
Store in a cool dry place away from sunlight.

125 ml



Ingredients: Organic Castor Oil 65%
Dimethyl Sulfoxide 35%.

Country of origin:

Direction for use:

Always wash your hands thoroughly with anti- bacterial hand wash before use. DMSO may crystalize so warm the liquid before use. Gently massage affected area. The skin may become itchy after use for a short period of time, as this is normal.

External use only:

Wash your hands thoroughly before use. Test on a small area of skin first. If irritation occurs do not use. Wash skin with warm water.


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